onsdag 17. juli 2019 13:50

ITD welcomes dedicated and experienced Danish Minister of Transport

The Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen presented her new team of ministers 27 June 2019, and Benny Engelbrecht occupies the Ministry of Transport at Frederiksholms Kanal in Copenhagen. ITD, Association for the Danish road transport of goods, welcomes the Minister of Transport on the important post having great potential for creating sustainable growth results in cooperation with a professional and engaged transport industry.

The 48 year old Benny Engelbrecht, elected for the Social Democrat Party in the large South Jutland constituency, has now been chosen as Denmark’s new Minister of Transport. ITD is pleased with the election.


- Welcome to Denmark’s new Minister of Transport Benny Engelbrecht. At ITD we are pleased to have such an experienced and professional minister lead our area, and we are looking forward to the upcoming cooperation. We are especially looking forward to the cooperation with the new Minister on redeeming the great growth potential waiting for being put into play in the Danish road transport of goods, says Carina Christensen, CEO at ITD.


Benny Engelbrecht is former Minister of Taxation and has also been spokesman on trade and industry as well as Chairman of the Transport Committee which makes him a Minister with knowledge of both the business world and transport policies now moving into the Ministry of Transport.


- We know Benny Engelbrecht as a committed and responsive politician with great interest in the transport industry. That is what we experienced among other things when he visited us in connection with Gert Jakobsen’s 60th birthday, our former chairman, in August 2018. We expect his properties to be a great gain to the Danish road haulage industry when we in future cooperate with him on great and important agendas as growth within the transport industry, climate and infrastructure, says Carina Christensen. 


ITD is looking forward to having a Minister leading the transport industry’s growth potential with strength and percussion power to the top of the political agenda. Today, the road transport of goods contributes with 60.7 billion DKK per year to the Danish economy and supports 88,000 jobs. But to continue this development it is necessary to create good frame conditions for the industry.


- If the transport industry is to contribute even more to the Danish economy, and we would like that, it is all about supporting and strengthening the companies and laying down an economic sustainable course for them. Here are included the green transition considering incentive structures instead of fees as well as exploiting the new digital and technological opportunities. And furthermore the long-termed frame conditions are included making the companies dare to invest and employ. It is a large and important task for our new Minister, Carina Christensen continues.


With the ambition to reduce greenhouse gases with 70 per cent in 2030, a huge task awaits the Minister of Transport to implicate the transport sector in the green transition, and if they are to reach the goal there is no time to waste.


- The new government is very ambitious in relation to climate issues and wants to make Denmark the pioneering country for the green transition. We welcome this, and we are looking forward to the cooperation on creating sustainable green solutions. We hope the new Minister of Transport will quickly contribute to there not only being focus on cars and aircraft fees making us able to create action regards green transition of the heavy transports. We have an industry which is more than eager to get cracking. We are looking forward to the new Minister of Transport catching that ball making us able together to ensure that the initiatives on the table actually work, says Carina Christensen.


Finally, there is the infrastructure being of not only great importance to the transport industry but to Denmark as a whole. Here, the new Danish government has already announced that a new, long-termed plan will be made for the infrastructure up to 2030.


- A new, long-termed infrastructure plan targeted the road net is an essential task for the Minister of Transport. Here we hope that the visions reach further than trains and cycle paths, because the problems are on the roads. We are looking forward to cooperate constructively with the new Minister of Transport on the new important infrastructure plan, Carina Christensen ends.



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tirsdag 20. august 2019

ITD inviterer til medlemsmødet 2019

Der er lagt op til et spændende program, når ITD holder medlemsmøde onsdag den 9. oktober 2019 på Hindsgavl Slot ved Middelfart. Mød den store konkurrent fra øst, Girteka Logistics, hør hvordan FREJA bruger ordentlighed som et varemærke, og hør hvordan vejgodstransporten har det i kommunerne. Der sluttes af med middag og en status på dansk politik ved Søs Marie Serup Laybourn. Tilmeldingen er åben.

ITD inviterer til medlemsmødet 2019 >
tirsdag 20. august 2019

Vær opmærksom på nye krav til vinterdæk i nabolandene

Det er vigtigt at være opmærksom på nye og kommende regler for vinterdæk i Norge, Sverige og Tyskland. ITD giver dig her en oversigt over de nye krav, du skal være opmærksom på.

Vær opmærksom på nye krav til vinterdæk i nabolandene >
tirsdag 20. august 2019

Nye regler for arbejdsgivers indberetning af feriepenge

Er du som arbejdsgiver opmærksom på de nye regler for indberetning af feriepenge i eIndkomst i overgangsåret? Hvis ikke, så læs mere her. Når overgangsordningen træder i kraft, indefryses de feriemidler, der optjenes i overgangsperioden 1. september 2019 til 31. august 2020. Det betyder, at feriemidlerne ikke kan afholdes og ej heller udbetales, før lønmodtageren forlader arbejdsmarkedet. Arbejdsgiver skal dog fortsat indberette feriemidlerne i eIndkomst, men der gælder nye regler for indberetning.

Nye regler for arbejdsgivers indberetning af feriepenge >

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