tirsdag 24. september 2019 14:19
The industry is disappointed over new overtaking bans for trucks
onsdag 17. juli 2019 13:50
ITD welcomes dedicated and experienced Danish Minister of Transport
torsdag 09. maj 2019 10:35
The Danish prime minister has called election to the Danish Parliament - Folketinget
mandag 15. april 2019 14:40
ITD gearing up in Brussels
torsdag 11. april 2019 11:27
Christian S. Madsen is new chairman of the board at ITD
onsdag 13. marts 2019 10:28
ITD: The Danish Minister for Transport must realise the seriousness of the situation at the rest areas
torsdag 21. februar 2019 09:54
ITD becomes sole owner of VIALTIS SARL
onsdag 19. december 2018 10:16
ITD met the EU Commission - Competition regarding PostNord
torsdag 06. december 2018 11:17
ITD: Finance Act with good transport policy moves
mandag 26. november 2018 12:20
ITD has submitted a protest concerning capital contribution to PostNord Logistics
onsdag 10. oktober 2018 10:53
Praise the Danish Government for announcing new master plan for the infrastructure
onsdag 03. oktober 2018 15:18
New parliamentary year with focus on green ambitions and strong joint efforts
fredag 21. september 2018 11:50
ITD: The transport industry has interesting jobs for the young people from the providers of vocational education
tirsdag 04. september 2018 12:44
ITD: Transport spokesmen now want to do something about the lack of resting areas
fredag 17. august 2018 10:47
33 percent of the transport companies search unsuccessfully for employees
torsdag 09. august 2018 11:33
ITD’s Chairman of the Executive Committee Gert Jakobsen turns 60

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